How to Install #MyCoffeeStix Car Decal

by My Coffee Stix on August 30, 2018

Installing #MyCoffeeStix car decal is very easy! Simply follow the steps below:

Before you put the decal on, make sure the surface where you want the decal to be is clean... Now, let's get started :)

1. Gently pull off the backing paper (the blue one)
Be sure that the white decal is sticking to the sticky side a.k.a transfer paper.

1. Gently peel backing paper off

2. Place the decal anywhere on your car
Be very careful not to let the decal stick together.

2. Place decal on car


3. Apply pressure to your decal with a squeegee 
Make sure the decal sticks well to the surface and there's no air bubbles. You may also use a credit card or your hands if you don't have a squeegee.

3. Apply pressure to your decal


4. Slowly remove the transfer paper 
Be sure that the decal sticks to the surface, not coming off with the transfer paper.

4. Slowly remove the transfer paper


5. Voilà ! You're now a certified #MyCoffeeStix fan :)
Now, let's drive the car around to show it off... haha!

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