Giveaway Winner Revealed (Aug 2018)

by My Coffee Stix on August 22, 2018

Hi everyone! Today is a big day, it's the Giveaway Winner Reveal Day! Who will be going home with the Grand Prize of "1 Year of FREE Coffee"?

Watch the video below to find out... (hold tight)

The Winner will get...

The Giveaway winner will be getting 12 bags of imported Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee that we carry on our website. You will get to choose from our selection of 6 coffee flavors... yum! Also, we will include the Winning #MyCoffeeStix car decal of yesterday's contest with your prize.

If you did not win, we have something for you too!

To thank you for joining in the fun of our Giveaway, we would like to treat you for some coffee. You will be getting a $5 Gift Card as well as a FREE Winning #MyCoffeeStix car decal (value at $9.99) of yesterday's contest with your order.

$5 Gift Card + FREE decal with order
Use Code: 5DECAL
valid until 8/31/2018

Visit Shop Here

A special note here, our Nescafe latte coconut is a limited edition flavor. We just received words from Nescafe Malaysia that they have stopped the production. How sad! We are now left with the last 438 units in the US. If you like coconut, get the Nescafe latte coconut now before it's all gone!

Once again, thank you so much for your enthusiasm with our coffee. We will see you in the next giveaway. Stay tuned!


The Winning #MyCoffeeStix Decal (value at $9.99) - FREE with your order



by danny williams on August 25, 2018

i love coffee

by Sarah C Callaham on August 24, 2018

Hi, as a parent of a previously deployed marine, I have had to worry a lot about how my child eats, sleeps, and if he is able to take any breaks, I have sent these in care packages to my child as well as a couple of my childs buddies. They are great for quick breaks or special treats on the go. Please if you are able to do large donations, could you send a donation to my friend Mai Christy in Clackamas, Oregon…she has a non profit organization that makes care packages by the hundreds to send to our deployed…these would be great additions to their care packages. Thank you, your support would be greatly appreciated

by Ronald Herrera on August 23, 2018

Can not view video! Did I win?!

by Catheryn on August 23, 2018

Hi I tried to enter video with caption sentence for deaf there no

by shirley delp on August 22, 2018

can’t play sound on videos. can you please put the name in writing?

by Angela Tallman on August 22, 2018

I have used your coffee & like it very much. Thank you

by Cassie Bowerman on August 22, 2018

Omg! This is awesome!!! Thank you!!